Young Engineers

Camp Experiences

School may be out, but learning doesn’t have to stop. Click on the button below to find the camp closest to you.

Engineering Camps are delivered by Young Engineers franchisees throughout Australia during the school holidays. They are full of fun and packed with STEM learning. For many students, Engineering Camps is the only way to access our programs (if your school does not offer Young Engineers incursions or after-school club).

You can also find Young Engineer’s holiday programs offered by some of Australia’s most STEM loving vacation care providers. We are happy to collaborate with vacation care providers to help more students find their love for STEM.

Regional Touring Team


We want every student in Australia to fall in love with STEM, including students that live outside the metropolitan area. That’s the reason we have started touring regional areas to provide better access for students that live in country towns. If you would like us to visit your school during upcoming holidays, please feel free to contact us

Find Us At Your Vacation Care Providers


Some of Australia’s most innovative vacation care providers utilise Young Engineers programs to help their students learn and love STEM. 

These are offered in all major capital cities and in some regional areas throughout Australia. For bookings and pricing, please contact the vacation care provider directly. 

If your local vacation care provider is NOT offering Young Engineers programs, feel free to contact us to make an introduction.


LEGO® Bricks Camp

Many of our privately owned and run Young Engineers franchises offer a 1-2 week camp activity. These camps provide participants with an exciting way to learn and have fun through building LEGO® models. The camp experience provides children with a safe and comfortable environment to get excited about learning and meet new friends while they are on their summer vacation. These camps convert our enrichment methods into special daylong camp activities. Contact our representatives to find an Young Engineers LEGO® Bricks Camp near you.