Young Engineers

Welcome to E2 Young Engineers Australia

Young Engineers offers unique STEM programs where children learn critical skills for the digital age while having fun.

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are becoming increasingly important due to technology pervading every aspect of our lives. A STEM education offers not just information but the ability to process that information correctly.

STEM skills include:

  • ✓ Theoretical concepts 
  • ✓ Practical application of theory
  • ✓ Critical thinking 
  • ✓ Problem solving
  • ✓ Data analysis 
  • ✓ Engineering 
  • ✓ Physics 
  • ✓ Coding

For the parents it’s an education, for the children it’s a game. What Young Engineers delivers is e² – Education with Entertainment.


For Pre-School, Day Care & Prep

Build K’nex models

Suitable For Primary Schools 


Build Lego® machines

Suitable For Primary & Secondary Schools


Advanced Lego® engineering

Suitable For Primary Schools


Code & control Lego® robots

Suitable For Primary &
Secondary Schools

Advanced Lego® Robotics

For Early Learning & Special Needs

Build Lego® machines

Suitable For Senior Citizens

Therapeutic & Social Lego®

How We Reach Out

School Incursions
After-School Clubs
Holiday Camp
Birthday Parties


Are you an enthusiastic and committed individual ? Join the Young Engineers franchise family and run a  once in lifetime business.